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Puma & Adidas Were Once One

Reading through this article on the downfall of Nike from Quartz:

Niked Shoe Empire

and it has this graph below that showcased to me something that I never knew and assume most people don't know. That the Dassler brothers from Germany had a shoe company and it consisted of Puma and Adidas. This former oligopoly started to diminish when Nike came out decades later and within only 5 years Reebok had become the biggest shoe company in the world. As with all cycles things change and Nike came back and still leads today despite a recent announcement to cut 2% of their workforce and the failure to come out with a blockbuster product in the last couple of years. Puma at one point in time had 30% of the market and today is closer to 5% while no company has ever had more than 50% of the entire market which Adidas once owned in the early 1970's.


You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you

Jeff Bezos says it best with inspirational quotes and advice on failing and growing your failures. If you're not failing you're not trying hard enough. Come up with difficult tasks and make good and bad headlines to succeed and innovate in the world.

One reason why people don’t like failure is because it’s embarrassing, Bezos added. He described a toddler trying to put a square peg in a round hole for hours, without success. But it doesn’t keep them from trying and trying. That’s how they learn.

“We all have that when we are little, but as we get older, somehow it’s not as cool to fail,”

For the full Geekwire overview and article go here:

Great Interview Questions

Job interviews are no fun. People probably put job interviews on par with going on blind dates but ahead of public speaking. It's nerve racking, scary, and you really don't know exactly what to expect even though you have a general idea. Now that I think of it. It's kind of like a blind date just to get hired instead of to meet somebody new.

Any who. Here are two great job interview questions that I like to ask:

Tell me something that you have won at?

The reason for this question is that you want to hire winners at your office. Having people that are competitive and want to be the best for your company are great attributes to have. If they are winning for you then you should be achieving your company goals.

If you Could have any super power what would it be?

Most people have no idea how to answer this and it really causes you to think. Your head starts to spin thinking of super heroes and what powers they have. I have one answer that flys off my tongue as I explain in this blog post here. If it weren't time for me then I don't have a rapid fire second answer.

How to get a celebrity to feature your product

Received this inquiry on how to get featured for a product and company that I invested in. The details of Angela's inquiry are below. What are your thoughts on her pitch and the templated email that was sent with just one word inserted:


My name is Angela Owens, I am the Brand Manager at Celebrity
Connected. We specialize in connecting companies, like yours, to
celebrities at gifting suites to celebrate various award shows. I
wanted to reach out to you personally as I checked out your website
and absolutely LOVE your products!

I would like to feature "INSERT NAME OF COMPANY I AM SPAMMING HERE" at our next gifting
suite. You can expect to meet over 100 celebrities and chat, take
photo/video, and promote
your brand to each celebrity individually. Basic participation package
includes a 10 x 10 show space, 4 passes to the gift event, and rights
to media taken. The event information is as follows:

Honoring the MTV Movie Awards®  on April 9th 2016 in Los Angeles:
Participation fee: $5,000

The day of the event will begin around 7AM when sponsors will have a
chance to set up their space. The show starts around 10:30 when the
celebrities start checking in with our talent department and walk the
red carpet into the gift suite. You will be personally gifting each
celebrity and be able to gather media. You will own the rights to any
media captured, so it is important to keep the camera clicking! In
addition, you will also be able to ask the celebrities to endorse your
business on various social media outlets where you will reach
thousands of followers. If timing is an issue we do have a few more
events this year as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns or if you
would just like a more in depth explanation of how all of this works.
I can be reached at 657-900-2059. Thanks for your time…I look forward
to hearing back from you and hopefully working together very soon! A
response would very much be appreciated :)

Best Wishes,
Angela Owens.

Angela Owens
Brand Manager
Corporate Office:
701 S. Parker St STE 2400
Orange, CA 92868
Office: 657.900.2059
Fax: 888.958.0552

The MTV Movie Awards® is a registered trademark of the MTV Network®.
Celebrity Connected is not authorized by and is not associated with the MTV
Network ®, The MTV Movie Awards ®, or any of its official partners or

Barnes & Noble Going All Hardcover

Shopping at Barnes & Nobles for some new books this evening I noticed something peculiar.

There are little to no softcover books. The majority of the store is filled with hardcover books. When I travel my preference is to have a great softcover book to fit into my bag. Tonight I purchased two softcovers and one hardcover but it was not easy to find. Naseem Talib's Fooled By Randomness was a gigantic hardcover that looked nothing like my personal soft copy. It was so abnormal that I almost purchased it thinking it was a book I didn't own already but I doubt thats why there are so many hard copies in the store.

Where Have all the softcover books Gone?

All the softies are being forced out. Is this a non-capacity issue? Making the store look more crowded with books without actually having to fill it with as many books? I am not quite sure but the nice lady at the checkout pushing the BNC club on me said it was a corporate decision and she did not know why.

If you have thoughts or reasons on why you can almost only buy hardcover book at Barbes & Noble then please do let me know.