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Why the internet Didn't Kill Strip Clubs but Disrupted the Porn Industry

One Word: Experience

When you experience something in person as opposed to virtually it has a different feeling in your brain that releases seratonin and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Music Festivals, Sporting Events, and live entertainment still thrives in the digital age. People want the in person interaction that you get at a strip club. Seeing is believing and even a slight touch or feel is enough to get somebody out of the house and to an entertainment club. Don't believe it? Check out club E11ven in Downtown Miami where a mix of Cirque De Soleil, night club, and dancers parade around. This place is alive and well where magazines and DVD sales have all but stopped because of the internet.

Same reason as Bob Lefetz would agree that CD sales are gone but artists who want to survive and make money today have to go on tour and give their fans the real live experience. The entertainment is multi-faceted and holds true for all different forms of entertainment.