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Richart Ruddie - To Be Deeper With You

Ever have certain sayings that you want out of your vocabulary? Certain sayings may affect you negatively and you may not even notice it. For example saying "To be honest with you" might imply that you are not always being honest. Do you want to work with somebody who is not always honest? So I make a conscience effort to say something different and last night heard "To be deeper with you" as an alternative.

Other sayings to avoid: "I had a stressful day" avoid setting off these poisonous sayings that breed negativity and think positively.

-Richart Ruddie

Chart Ruddie - Google Yourself

What does the internet say about yourself? If you want to improve the way you look on the internet you need to be proactive in promoting good and positive content that is relevant about you or your brand. This involves creating the following: 


  • Websites on exact match domains
  • Social media profiles
  • Press releases
  • Editorials
  • Guest blog postings
  • Web 2.0 properties

If you have a question about branding yourself online or how to positively affect the way you appear when you are Googled then please reach do not hesitate to reach out.

Great Interview Questions

Job interviews are no fun. People probably put job interviews on par with going on blind dates but ahead of public speaking. It's nerve racking, scary, and you really don't know exactly what to expect even though you have a general idea. Now that I think of it. It's kind of like a blind date just to get hired instead of to meet somebody new.

Any who. Here are two great job interview questions that I like to ask:

Tell me something that you have won at?

The reason for this question is that you want to hire winners at your office. Having people that are competitive and want to be the best for your company are great attributes to have. If they are winning for you then you should be achieving your company goals.

If you Could have any super power what would it be?

Most people have no idea how to answer this and it really causes you to think. Your head starts to spin thinking of super heroes and what powers they have. I have one answer that flys off my tongue as I explain in this blog post here. If it weren't time for me then I don't have a rapid fire second answer.

Restaurant Tonight - It's Restaurant Roulette With Uber

Thank you for downloading Restaurant Tonight. Our application gives you the opportunity to play Restaurant Roulette to find a restaurant to eat at tonight and you get to ride there with the well known Uber application. Please provide your feedback, questions, or comments below and we will have a support representative reach out to you right away.


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 6.08.41 PM

For those of you who have downloaded the application and given us great feedback I wanted to extend a special thank you. This is a really cool concept that takes the choice out of picking a place to eat dinner at tonight.

Follow the rest of my posts and entrepreneurial adventures here @ my Richart Ruddie Typepad Blog.

Richart Ruddie Profile Defenders

If you have reputation management needs then please see the following places that have covered me through the years for Profile Defenders that include Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, The Baltimore Sun, Sun-Sentinel, The Denver Post, Forbes, and many more. In fact I am such a good brander and marketer that I had a client rank them for a famous celebrity and did such a great job that I took over all the rankings on page 1. The best part is that the client wasn't supposed to be doing that and the celebrity sued him, myself, and a few others. It's a great branding point though showcasing how good I really am at what I do for Profile Defenders clients.

-Richart Ruddie


Me leaving Japan back in October.

Happy New Year and Holidays to all

Making each day count is important IMO. Those who make New Years resolutions are applauded because they want to make themselves and the lives of those around them healthier. My advice is to treat every day as a special day and to strive to be a better person each day and onto the next one. If you start living your life with this mentality then negative events and aspects in your life will start to turn around and become positive.

-Richart Ruddie



Most Important Things in the Future

When we look at the future and things that will most affect the world in which we live in what are they? As you have read here I have praised the brilliant Elon Musk. In one of the latest Wait but Why in depth posts Musk answers the question. I endorse and agree with all of the items which are as follows:

“The internet; sustainable energy; space exploration, in particular the permanent extension of life beyond Earth; artificial intelligence; and reprogramming the human genetic code.”

My additions to this tie in with the reprogramming of the genetic code which is sustainability of human life. When we figure out a way to give humans the gift of eternity then we have hit on something that is in the same categories of changing our energy sources, space travel, A.I., and the way we are connected through technology. One thing that I don't believe will ever happen that we wish could happen is Time Travel & Teleporting.

Barnes & Noble Going All Hardcover

Shopping at Barnes & Nobles for some new books this evening I noticed something peculiar.

There are little to no softcover books. The majority of the store is filled with hardcover books. When I travel my preference is to have a great softcover book to fit into my bag. Tonight I purchased two softcovers and one hardcover but it was not easy to find. Naseem Talib's Fooled By Randomness was a gigantic hardcover that looked nothing like my personal soft copy. It was so abnormal that I almost purchased it thinking it was a book I didn't own already but I doubt thats why there are so many hard copies in the store.

Where Have all the softcover books Gone?

All the softies are being forced out. Is this a non-capacity issue? Making the store look more crowded with books without actually having to fill it with as many books? I am not quite sure but the nice lady at the checkout pushing the BNC club on me said it was a corporate decision and she did not know why.

If you have thoughts or reasons on why you can almost only buy hardcover book at Barbes & Noble then please do let me know.

Jiro Sushi 2 in Roppongi

The best sushi I have ever had in my life was at.... Jiro Sushi 2 in Roppongi an upscale Tokyo suburb. As you can see by the beautiful split piece Prawn Sushi below there is no expense spared. I found Jiro through a popular netflix documentary called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It was in this film that a 90 year old Jiro dedicates his entire life to the art of mastering the craft of Sushi. (Read more below the image)



Jiro has only worked in one field in his life and thinks of himself as an artist not just a chef. He takes measures well beyond what any other restaurant owner would ever do to create the most exquisite meal you will ever have thanks to it's insane attention to detail.

He has two sons and the youngest went out on his own and started his own restaurant which is an almost exact replica of the shop in Ginza located in the Hibiya subway station. The only difference is that Jiro is left handed and his son is right handed so they are symmetrical. The Roppongi location has 8 seats at the bar and two tables each with four chairs.

My friend Marc joked that the two tables were there for guests to wait while they were told to sit at the bar. The irony is thats exactly what the tables are there for.

The lunch course is 18,700 Yen and is the best meal you will ever have. It is very hard to get into the Ginza location so I highly suggest everybody to dine and support his sons location if you are in Tokyo and would like to have the best Sushi meal of your life. My favorite pieces were the Sea Eel, Sea Urchin (I typically hate sea urchin but this was unbelieveable), The Prawn, all of the Tuna pieces, and of course the Tamago (egg). The amount of detail and thought that goes into each piece is something that you need to indulge in yourself and not for me to spoil.

If you have watched the film then you understand the importance of the Tamago and the work that goes into perfectly making that finishing piece. At the end of the meal you are invited to take photos with the chefs and they have books on Jiro which are signed by the famous craftsmen himself.

My favorite part of the experience beyond the meal was this one instance which I will write about again.

The art of Modesty

Jiro's son Takashi has been mastering the art of Sushi for almost his entire life (Jiro started when he left home at age 7 and is now 90). So with a life long of Sushi and the fact that a copy of Jiro Ono's book was signed and purchased the question was asked of his son:

Would you mind signing a copy of this book for me?

His answer was as follows:

"You think because Jiro is my father and I am his son that I can sign the book next to his name but he is Master and I am nothing but a student still. I will not be able to honor your request."