Department of Homeland Security Updates - Why am I getting These you may ask?

When you sign up for Global Entry you may end up subscribing to receive updates from the DHS. I got an email this morning from the DHS with the headline:

DHS Announces Proposed Rule Regarding Equal Treatment of Faith-Based Organizations in DHS-Supported Social Service Programs

I was thinking why am I getting this I don't remember subscribing but then remembered it may have come as a result of signing up for Global Entry 7 years ago.



The message:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today is proposing a rule that would implement President Trump’s Executive Order No. 13831 (May 3, 2018) to remove regulatory burdens on religious organizations and ensure that religious and non-religious organizations are treated equally in DHS-supported programs. The proposed rule would ensure that DHS-supported social service programs are implemented in a manner consistent with the Constitution and other applicable federal law.

Specifically, the proposed rule provides instructions on religious liberty protections to the organizations that participate in DHS supported social service programs, including the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Citizenship and Integration Program Grant, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Emergency Food and Shelter Program, FEMA Crisis Counseling, and FEMA Disaster Case Management.

"On behalf of DHS, I would like to thank the president for his leadership in helping to reverse the previous administration’s requirements discriminating against religious organizations by saddling them with unique regulatory burdens," said Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf. "Our proposed rule recognizes that religious organizations are valuable partners in the federal government’s efforts to support the public with needed social services, and that they deserve every chance to compete equally on a level playing field for federal funding and not discriminated against simply because of their religious affiliation."


Full details can be seen here:

Richart Ruddie Linkedin Marketing Strategy

I'm working on developing a Linkedin marketing strategy after seeing success with being able to showcase search results for your given niche. Making a note here to check back on the strategy and to see how long the results take to kick in.


Richart Ruddie Linkedin: richart ruddie linkedin Profile

ClimaCell The Future of Hyper Local Weather

ClimaCell is a Boston based company with 100 employees thats using hyper local internet of things data to determine true weather compared to our standard iOS Weather application that is often misleading much like I see in Florida saying rain and thunderstorms on days where it's sunny with no precipitation. So Climacell is a new service that is a spin off of the idea that I've discussed using hyper local data from users to update what the weather is similar to how Waze uses data from it's users to determine traffic jams, construction work, accidents, and police officers.

ClimaCell uses public cameras, windshield wiper speeds, and other variable data that it acquires and has Delta, Jetblue, Sports Stadiums, and smart municipalities already using their services. They have a bright future ahead:

T. Boone Pickens on Lifes Best Lessons

I remember watching CNBC and seeing T. Boone Pickens coming on during the Oil Boom and discussing how the days of $70 a barrel oil was a new reality that we should be getting used to. As demand was rising in China and around the world it was starting to outpace what was seen as current supply at the time but with new discoveries things had changed from 2006 to now and the price of Oil has reflected as such. Now that the billionaire philanthropist has passed on he has provided a letter with some of his best life lessons that we can all learn from. The excerpt is copied below:


If you are reading this, I have passed on from this world — not as big a deal for you as it was for me.

In my final months, I came to the sad reality that my life really did have a fourth quarter and the clock really would run out on me. I took the time to convey some thoughts that reflect back on my rich and full life.

I was able to amass 1.9 million Linkedin followers. On Twitter, more than 145,000 (thanks, Drake). This is my goodbye to each of you.

One question I was asked time and again: What is it that you will leave behind?

That's at the heart of one of my favorite poems, "Indispensable Man," which Saxon White Kessinger wrote in 1959. Here are a few stanzas that get to the heart of the matter:

Sometime when you feel that your going

Would leave an unfillable hole,

Just follow these simple instructions

And see how they humble your soul;

Take a bucket and fill it with water,

Put your hand in it up to the wrist,

Pull it out and the hole that's remaining

Is a measure of how you'll be missed.

You can splash all you wish when you enter,

You may stir up the water galore,

But stop and you'll find that in no time

It looks quite the same as before.

You be the judge of how long the bucket remembers me.

I've long recognized the power of effective communication. That's why in my later years I began to reflect on the many life lessons I learned along the way, and shared them with all who would listen.

Fortunately, I found the young have a thirst for this message. Many times over the years, I was fortunate enough to speak at student commencement ceremonies, and that gave me the chance to look out into a sea of the future and share some of these thoughts with young minds. My favorite of these speeches included my grandchildren in the audience.

What I would tell them was this Depression-era baby from tiny Holdenville, Oklahoma — that wide expanse where the pavement ends, the West begins, and the Rock Island crosses the Frisco — lived a pretty good life.

In those speeches, I'd always offer these future leaders a deal: I would trade them my wealth and success, my 68,000-acre ranch and private jet, in exchange for their seat in the audience. That way, I told them, I'd get the opportunity to start over, experience every opportunity America has to offer.

It's your shot now.

If I had to single out one piece of advice that's guided me through life, most likely it would be from my grandmother, Nellie Molonson. She always made a point of making sure I understood that on the road to success, there's no point in blaming others when you fail.

Here's how she put it:

"Sonny, I don't care who you are. Some day you're going to have to sit on your own bottom."

After more than half a century in the energy business, her advice has proven itself to be spot-on time and time again. My failures? I never have any doubt whom they can be traced back to. My successes? Most likely the same guy.

Never forget where you come from. I was fortunate to receive the right kind of direction, leadership, and work ethic — first in Holdenville, then as a teen in Amarillo, Texas, and continuing in college at what became Oklahoma State University. I honored the values my family instilled in me, and was honored many times over by the success they allowed me to achieve.

I also long practiced what my mother preached to me throughout her life — be generous. Those values came into play throughout my career, but especially so as my philanthropic giving exceeded my substantial net worth in recent years.

For most of my adult life, I've believed that I was put on Earth to make money and be generous with it. I've never been a fan of inherited wealth. My family is taken care of, but I was far down this philanthropic road when, in 2010, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates asked me to take their Giving Pledge, a commitment by the world's wealthiest to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. I agreed immediately.

I liked knowing that I helped a lot of people. I received letters every day thanking me for what I did, the change I fostered in other people's lives. Those people should know that I appreciated their letters.

My wealth was built through some key principles, including:

  • A good work ethic is critical.
  • Don't think competition is bad, but play by the rules. I loved to compete and win. I never wanted the other guy to do badly; I just wanted to do a little better than he did.
  • Learn to analyze well. Assess the risks and the prospective rewards, and keep it simple.
  • Be willing to make decisions. That's the most important quality in a good leader: Avoid the "Ready-aim-aim-aim-aim" syndrome. You have to be willing to fire.
  • Learn from mistakes. That's not just a cliché. I sure made my share. Remember the doors that smashed your fingers the first time and be more careful the next trip through.
  • Be humble. I always believed the higher a monkey climbs in the tree, the more people below can see his ass. You don't have to be that monkey.
  • Don't look to government to solve problems — the strength of this country is in its people.
  • Stay fit. You don't want to get old and feel bad. You'll also get a lot more accomplished and feel better about yourself if you stay fit. I didn't make it to 91 by neglecting my health.
  • Embrace change. Although older people are generally threatened by change, young people loved me because I embraced change rather than running from it. Change creates opportunity.
  • Have faith, both in spiritual matters and in humanity, and in yourself. That faith will see you through the dark times we all navigate.

Over the years, my staff got used to hearing me in a meeting or on the phone asking, "Whaddya got?" That's probably what my Maker is asking me about now

Here's my best answer.

I left an undying love for America, and the hope it presents for all. I left a passion for entrepreneurship, and the promise it sustains. I left the belief that future generations can and will do better than my own.

Thank you. It's time we all move on.

Don't Follow Others if You want to be the best

Quote of the day from James Clear that simply says that those who thrive and are the absolute best in their industry don't follow others but find their own path. Most of the time this path is obscure. Think Steve Jobs and his inventions or Edison or Einstein..


"If you want to be in the top 1% of a particular domain, then you can’t take your cues from and follow the social norms of 99% of people.

This is harder than it sounds. We are wired to imitate. The further you want to climb, the more carefully you need to construct your tribe."

Everybody has to find a path and method that works for them.


Florida Woman Challenge Story Headlines

As per our last series of Florida Man and Woman Stories here is a full year of headlines.


Florida Woman January 1, 2019 Woman Pulled From Submerged Car Just in Time
Florida Woman January 2, 2019 Florida woman claims she's God, rides tricycle
Florida Woman January 3, 2019 Florida woman meets the 'angel' 911 dispatcher who brought rescuers to her submerged car
Florida Woman January 5, 2019 Woman walking with colorful suitcases at Miami International Airport
Florida Woman January 6, 2019 Woman Dies After Shooting at Kissimmee Apartment Complex
Florida Woman January 7, 2019 Toledo woman shot, killed in central Florida
Florida Woman January 8, 2019 Haines City, FL – Woman Shot to Death in Double Shooting
Florida Woman January 9, 2019 Florida Woman Watches Home Get Ransacked While On Vacation
Florida Woman January 10, 2019 Woman arrested in Florida for 2012 Reynoldsburg slaying
Florida Woman January 11, 2019 Doctor mistakenly removes Florida woman’s kidney, which he thought was a tumor
Florida Woman January 12, 2019 Florida woman breaks into police station, eats officer’s dinner
Florida Woman January 13, 2019 Police: Florida woman had gun, ammo at school hoops game
Florida Woman January 14, 2019 Florida Woman Charged For Threatening Mass Shooting at Police K9 Memorial Service
Florida Woman January 15, 2019 Meanwhile in Florida..Police bust a woman w/ 4 ROLEX WATCHES hidden in her VAGINA
Florida Woman January 16, 2019 Florida woman attacked by ‘aggressive’ otter says 'severe bites' left her temporarily unable to walk
Florida Woman January 17, 2019 Sumter County, FL – Woman Arrested for Slapping Live-in Boyfriend
Florida Woman January 18, 2019 A Florida mother is suing her developmentally disabled daughter's caregiver after woman became pregnant
Florida Woman January 19, 2019 South Florida woman meets siblings for first time
Florida Woman January 20, 2019 Tampa, FL Women in Tech Group
Florida Woman January 21, 2019 Florida man, woman run over by patrol car while lying in road to watch eclipse
Florida Woman January 22, 2019 Florida woman shot after performing sexual act for Pringles and $5
Florida Woman January 23, 2019 Florida Woman Dances Naked Outside Waffle House, Licks Employee’s Face
Florida Woman January 24, 2019 5 women gunned down in Florida bank in apparent 'random act
Florida Woman January 25, 2019 Florida woman calls 911 after attack inside home
Florida Woman January 26, 2019 St. Petersburg, FL – Woman Facing Child Abuse Charge After Pushing Girl Out Of Moving Car
Florida Woman January 27, 2019 Officials: Florida woman killed, dismembered boyfriend in RV
Florida Woman January 28, 2019 Good luck with your plan to control Florida women, dude
Florida Woman January 29, 2019 Meet The Florida Woman Who Opened Her Backyard To The Homeless
Florida Woman January 30, 2019 The Women In Technology International Summit Series, Fort Lauderdale, January 30
Florida Woman January 31, 2019 Florida Woman Hits Dog Walker With Flashlight, Hides From Police In Cat Cage
Florida Woman February 1, 2019 Florida woman’s journey to read 100 books: Why she did it and what she learned
Florida Woman February 2, 2019 Female Business Event at Armature Works in Tampa, FL
Florida Woman February 3, 2019 No. 3 Florida women’s golf opens up spring season with high expectations
Florida Woman February 4, 2019 Pasco County, FL – Florida Woman Struck Boyfriend in Face with Pork Chop
Florida Woman February 5, 2019 Florida Woman Arrested For Beating Her Boyfriend With Frozen Pork Chop
Florida Woman February 7, 2019 Florida official resigns after being fined for licking man's face
Florida Woman February 8, 2019 Large alligator traps Florida woman in home
Florida Woman February 9, 2019 Santa Rosa County, FL – Woman Slumped Over in Car, Charged with Drug Possession and Child Neglect
Florida Woman February 10, 2019 Dunedin, FL – Woman Under the Influence Crashes into School Bus, Attempts to Flee Scene
Florida Woman February 11, 2019 Florida Woman has the Most ‘Florida’ Maternity Shoot with Beer, an Alligator, a Shotgun, and More!
Florida Woman February 12, 2019 Big alligator knocks on Florida woman's front door
Florida Woman February 13, 2019 Florida woman threatens arresting officer with visit from KKK
Florida Woman February 14, 2019 Florida Woman Spotted Shaving Her Legs On Motorcycle
Florida Woman February 15, 2019 Body of missing Cocoa woman found in Osceola County
Florida Woman February 16, 2019 Florida woman seeks justice after fiance killed in Philadelphia
Florida Woman February 17, 2019 Florida woman jailed for stealing Walmart cake
Florida Woman February 18, 2019 Florida woman dies after crashing into a pillar in Laurelton
Florida Woman February 19, 2019 Florida woman’s profanity-filled tantrum gets her kicked off JetBlue flight
Florida Woman February 20, 2019 Florida woman kicked off flight after having to sit next to a toddler
Florida Woman February 21, 2019 Florida woman batters boyfriend with selfie-stick
Florida Woman February 22, 2019 A Miami-Dade woman with Alzheimer’s and dementia is reported missing
Florida Woman February 23, 2019 Inside a Thriving Sex Trafficking Trade in Florida
Florida Woman February 24, 2019 Florida woman hops on elderly driver’s lap, tries to steal car
Florida Woman February 25, 2019 Snake in Dryer Gives Florida Woman 'Near Death Experience'
Florida Woman February 26, 2019 Miami, FL – Woman Undresses in Front of Minor and Now Faces Charges
Florida Woman February 27, 2019 Florida woman bitten by kitten gets $48,512 hospital bill
Florida Woman February 28, 2019 Florida woman flees after finding snake in clothes dryer
Florida Woman March 1, 2019 Woman looking at Visitor Center screen and top view of Ticketing and Check-in blue sign at Orlando International Airport
Florida Woman March 2, 2019 Women's Lacrosse Comes From Behind to Upset No. 11 Florida
Florida Woman March 3, 2019 Women's Spring Retreat
Florida Woman March 4, 2019 Florida man runs over mother, daughter, killing older woman over pay dispute
Florida Woman March 5, 2019 Handyman hits two women with his van, killing one, in dispute over $80, cops say
Florida Woman March 6, 2019 Handyman hits two women with his van, killing one, in dispute over $80
Florida Woman March 7, 2019 Women's basketball team falls in quarterfinals of state tournament
Florida Woman March 8, 2019 Women spotlight economic disparity, health care on International Women’s Day
Florida Woman March 9, 2019 FL woman said demons made her steal car
Florida Woman March 10, 2019 Florida woman shot boyfriend for snoring too loudly
Florida Woman March 11, 2019 Port Charlotte, FL – Woman Arrested After Fleeing From Deputies
Florida Woman March 13, 2019 Florida woman's body missing after wrong body displayed at funeral
Florida Woman March 14, 2019 Florida woman threatens hair salon with machete, poops in patrol car
Florida Woman March 15, 2019 Florida woman ends up violently arrested after calling 911 for help
Florida Woman March 16, 2019 Only in Florida: Police say woman has to be saved from sinkhole she made
Florida Woman March 17, 2019 Florida woman gets life sentence for smothering girl
Florida Woman March 18, 2019 Florida woman nearly drowns after drunkenly crashing into hydrant
Florida Woman March 19, 2019 Florida Woman Falls From Car, Killed by Hit-And-Run Driver
Florida Woman March 20, 2019 Florida woman chased man across six lanes of traffic with a knife during fight
Florida Woman March 21, 2019 Florida spa founder denies wrongdoing after Dems ask FBI to investigate her Trump connections
Florida Woman March 22, 2019 Woman Charged With Manslaughter in Boy's Hot-Vehicle Death
Florida Woman March 23, 2019 Women Take the Court 2019
Florida Woman March 24, 2019 Race for Women's Wellness half marathon and 5K
Florida Woman March 25, 2019 St. Petersburg, FL – Woman Charged with DUI Following Wrong-Way Crash
Florida Woman March 26, 2019 Florida woman charged with battery after allegedly throwing pizza at employee
Florida Woman March 27, 2019 Naked Florida woman takes on 6 lanes of I-95
Florida Woman March 28, 2019 Delray police: Arrest made in woman’s 1998 cold-case homicide
Florida Woman March 29, 2019 Naked Florida Woman Walks Across Highway
Florida Woman March 30, 2019 Florida woman jailed for calling 911 because her boyfriend wasn’t being nice
Florida Woman March 31, 2019 Florida Woman Arrested for First Degree Murder in Execution-Style Killing
Florida Woman April 1, 2019 Florida Woman Crashes Car Into Sushi Restaurant During Dinner
Florida Woman April 2, 2019 Florida woman charged after 2-year-old son ingests opioids
Florida Woman April 3, 2019 Florida woman vanishes from Glencoe area
Florida Woman April 5, 2019 Florida woman pulls gun on victim who asked her to stop feeding cats
Florida Woman April 6, 2019 One Woman Fearless unites women around the world who are letting go of fear to create the life of their dreams
Florida Woman April 7, 2019 Florida woman accused of using gun to defend her right to feed stray cats
Florida Woman April 8, 2019 Florida Woman Pulls Gun Defending Her Right To Feed Stray Cats
Florida Woman April 9, 2019 Maternity photo shows mom-to-be posing with gator, shotgun and beer
Florida Woman April 10, 2019 Florida women will lose more than $46 billion a year due to wage gap
Florida Woman April 11, 2019 Naked Florida Women Arrested After Leading Troopers on Wild Pursuit
Florida Woman April 12, 2019 Naked Florida women lead troopers on chase
Florida Woman April 13, 2019 3 naked women at rest stop lead deputies on chase in Florida
Florida Woman April 14, 2019 Florida woman fires gunshots at neighbor who asked her to turn down her music
Florida Woman April 15, 2019 Woman Drowns in Strong Rip Current off Florida's Coast
Florida Woman April 16, 2019 “Massive manhunt” underway for Florida woman “infatuated with Columbine” now armed with shotgun in Colorado
Florida Woman April 17, 2019 Florida Woman Who Threatened Columbine High School is Found Dead
Florida Woman April 18, 2019 Florida woman calls 911 for help with bedroom opossum
Florida Woman April 19, 2019 Alligator removed from Florida woman's porch
Florida Woman April 20, 2019 Woman living statue throws small jets of water from her hands at Seaworld in International Drive area
Florida Woman April 21, 2019 Florida women’s golf slips up in tight SEC quarterfinals, eliminated by Ole Miss
Florida Woman April 22, 2019 Celebrating the Genius of Women in Orlando
Florida Woman April 23, 2019 Cops used road spikes to get woman with kids to stop after high-speed chase in the Keys
Florida Woman April 24, 2019 Florida Woman Gets Prison in Nevada Property Investment Scam
Florida Woman April 25, 2019 Florida Woman accused of attacking disabled man with frying pan
Florida Woman April 26, 2019 Florida woman finds large gator knocking at her front door
Florida Woman April 27, 2019 The Woman Behind the Mask Ladies Lectureship
Florida Woman April 28, 2019 Women Who Hike Florida Group Hike
Florida Woman April 30, 2019 Florida woman arrested for posting very private pics of man and blackmailing him
Florida Woman May 1, 2019 Florida woman on drugs while one-year-old daughter attacked by family's pit bull
Florida Woman May 2, 2019 Florida woman accused of molesting man in assisted living facility
Florida Woman May 3, 2019 This Florida woman lost $40,000 in online romance scam
Florida Woman May 4, 2019 The North Florida Women's Chorale performs its 2019 Romanza concert
Florida Woman May 5, 2019 Missing teenager in Escambia County, Florida
Florida Woman May 6, 2019 Florida woman pulls gator from her yoga pants during traffic stop
Florida Woman May 7, 2019 Elderly Woman Arrested for Having CBD Oil at Disney World
Florida Woman May 8, 2019 Woman Captures Dangerous ‘Positive Lightning’ Bolt in Florida
Florida Woman May 9, 2019 Florida woman throws knife at roommate's head during argument
Florida Woman May 10, 2019 Clermont, FL - Woman Dies in Two Vehicle Crash On Turnpike
Florida Woman May 11, 2019 'Hundreds of bugs' crawled from a girl's backpack, police say, as a Florida mom is charged with neglect
Florida Woman May 12, 2019 Woman fatally struck by Hummer on I-75
Florida Woman May 13, 2019 Florida woman missing for 6 years found in warehouse freezer
Florida Woman May 14, 2019 Florida Woman Arrested in Burger King Bathroom With 7 Syringes Hidden in Vagina
Florida Woman May 15, 2019 Florida Woman Runs Back Into Burning Apartment To Save Her Two Children, None Make It Out Alive
Florida Woman May 16, 2019 Florida woman who smiled in mugshot sentenced for fatal DUI crash
Florida Woman May 17, 2019 Florida's Wyncode launches Women in Tech Cohort
Florida Woman May 18, 2019 Florida woman arrested for threatening to “shoot everyone” at nearest elementary school
Florida Woman May 19, 2019 Woman killed by Florida passenger train she tried to beat
Florida Woman May 20, 2019 Glencoe Police still searching for missing Florida woman
Florida Woman May 21, 2019 Woman Found Dead at Brandon Apartments; Boyfriend in Custody
Florida Woman May 22, 2019 Florida woman’s sex act causes driver to run red light
Florida Woman May 23, 2019 Florida woman arrested for throwing frozen pork chop at boyfriend
Florida Woman May 24, 2019 Florida executes serial killer who murdered 10 women
Florida Woman May 25, 2019 Alligator attack leaves Florida woman with 'significant' bite injuries
Florida Woman May 26, 2019 Woman killed after car hits her in downtown Fort Lauderdale
Florida Woman May 27, 2019 Woman recovering after alligator attack in Central Florida lake
Florida Woman May 28, 2019 Florida woman accused of attacking Burger King manager for not giving free fries
Florida Woman May 29, 2019 Florida woman files suit against Disney after a bird smashes into her head at Polynesian Village
Florida Woman May 30, 2019 Florida Woman Caught On Camera Twerking In Clothing Store While Shoplifting
Florida Woman May 31, 2019 Police: Florida woman named Crystal Methvin arrested for crystal meth
Florida Woman June 1, 2019 Authorities Searching For Florida Woman Seen Twerking In Video While Shoplifting
Florida Woman June 2, 2019 Woman Charged With Battery For Throwing Drink At GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz
Florida Woman June 3, 2019 Florida Woman Intentionally Crashed Into Trooper In Newark
Florida Woman June 5, 2019 Hobe Sound, FL - Woman Dies in Tuesday Crash on I-95 Ramp
Florida Woman June 6, 2019 Women using self machine in Southwest counter at Orlando International Airport. - Image ID: TWN0X3
Florida Woman June 8, 2019 Florida woman stabs herself in gut three times because she was ‘tired of living in Trump’s country'
Florida Woman June 9, 2019 Florida Woman Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Husband Used To Be His Stepdaughter
Florida Woman June 10, 2019 Fort Lauderdale woman, 72, dies in crash near Coral Ridge Mall
Florida Woman June 11, 2019 Florida woman with $100K in car reportedly crashes into concert, hits two people
Florida Woman June 12, 2019 Florida Woman Arrested For Allegedly Squeezing Her Boyfriend’s Testicles To The Point They Were Bleeding
Florida Woman June 13, 2019 Florida Woman Squeezed Boyfriend’s Genitals Until They Bled During Fight
Florida Woman June 14, 2019 Woman loses job when her phone number is listed as Amazon distribution center online
Florida Woman June 15, 2019 woman caught on video taking items from house in King
Florida Woman June 16, 2019 A woman was arrested in Florida for allegedly stomping on sea turtle nests
Florida Woman June 17, 2019 Florida Woman Becomes US Citizen at Age 103
Florida Woman June 18, 2019 22-year-old found dead along Florida highway, sheriff asking public for help
Florida Woman June 19, 2019 South Florida woman says man accused of posing as doctor visited her in hospital
Florida Woman June 20, 2019 Florida woman visits every country in the world, breaks 4 world records
Florida Woman June 21, 2019 Florida woman whose husband tried to run her over is arrested for turning in his guns to police
Florida Woman June 22, 2019 Lakeland, FL – Woman Arrested After Taking Husband’s Guns to Police
Florida Woman June 23, 2019 Florida Woman Dies After Getting Tangled With City Bus
Florida Woman June 24, 2019 Florida police arrest woman suspected of killing her stepfather and daughter
Florida Woman June 25, 2019 Florida officer fatally shoots man during domestic call
Florida Woman June 26, 2019 46-year-old woman killed while trying to cross Merritt Island road
Florida Woman June 27, 2019 Florida Woman Wins $900,000 In Civil Court From Man Accused Of Rape
Florida Woman June 28, 2019 Florida woman: Gator crashing into home was a ‘fun thing’
Florida Woman June 29, 2019 Florida Woman Charged After Driving With Ex-Boyfriend On Hood For Nearly 20 Miles
Florida Woman June 30, 2019 Florida woman dies of flesh-eating bacteria
Florida Woman July 1, 2019 Meet the Florida woman-turned-mermaid and entrepreneur
Florida Woman July 2, 2019 Flesh-eating bacteria kills Florida woman; infection came after cutting leg while walking on beach
Florida Woman July 3, 2019 Florida woman who took husband’s guns faces misdemeanour
Florida Woman July 4, 2019 Skiing returns to Venetian Cove for July 4 and beyond
Florida Woman July 5, 2019 Plea Reached In Florida Cougar Attack
Florida Woman July 6, 2019 Ignite Women South Florida Social Connection Event
Florida Woman July 7, 2019 Rally Calendar - RVing Women Chapters
Florida Woman July 8, 2019 Florida woman says pain lingers after lost child was found
Florida Woman July 9, 2019 Florida woman accused of picking nose, sticking fingers inside ice cream at shop
Florida Woman July 10, 2019 Woman fatally shot at Hollywood apartment complex
Florida Woman July 11, 2019 Drunk Florida Woman drives through crowd, has $100,000 in cash on her
Florida Woman July 12, 2019 Disabled Florida Woman stabs boyfriend who refused her sex
Florida Woman July 13, 2019 Florida woman contracts marine bacteria from beach trip after cutting herself shaving
Florida Woman July 14, 2019 Teenage girl bitten by shark in Florida
Florida Woman July 15, 2019 Florida Woman Shot Multiple Times, Left For Dead On Side Of Road
Florida Woman July 16, 2019 Florida woman shot in Escalade, left on side of road
Florida Woman July 17, 2019 Florida woman, 68, nearly died after contracting a flesh-eating disease
Florida Woman July 18, 2019 3rd person charged in contract killing of Florida woman
Florida Woman July 19, 2019 Florida woman accused of assault over pizza slice
Florida Woman July 20, 2019 Florida woman pulled knife on woman who refused to give her pizza
Florida Woman July 21, 2019 Jury Recommends Florida Woman Be Executed For Killing Her 6-Year-Old Daughter
Florida Woman July 22, 2019 Florida authories say female groping suspect allegedly told victim's husband 'Go back' to his country
Florida Woman July 23, 2019 21-year-old Florida woman who let dog loose on cops arrested again for attacking her mom
Florida Woman July 24, 2019 Florida woman arrested for grabbing husband’s penis too forcefully
Florida Woman July 25, 2019 Minor injuries reported after crash involving bicyclist, vehicle in Indialantic
Florida Woman July 26, 2019 Woman steals an ambulance, crashes into police car
Florida Woman July 27, 2019 Naples, FL – Woman Arrested for Calling in Fake Prescription
Florida Woman July 28, 2017 Freak golf cart incident kills Florida woman who famously sought wedding 'crashers'
Florida Woman July 29, 2019 Tampa, FL – Woman Arrested for Grabbing Husband with Force
Florida Woman July 30,2018 50-Year-Old Woman Killed In 4-Vehicle Crash On Nova
Florida Woman July 31, 2018 Woman jailed after flap over rebuffed amorous advances
Florida Woman August 1, 2018 Florida woman arrested for throwing knife after man ate her leftover Chinese
Florida Woman August 2, 2018 Fla. Girl, 4, Dies After Allegedly Being Thrown Into a River and Left to Drown by Her Mother
Florida Woman August 3, 2018 Central Florida woman shares her amazing weight loss story
Florida Woman August 4, 2018 Florida woman killed in London knife attack
Florida Woman August 5, 2017 Florida Woman arrested after flashing her father in an argument
Florida Woman August 6, 2018 Watch a herd of cattle help police corral a fleeing Florida woman
Florida Woman August 7, 2018 ‘Giant spider’ leads Florida woman to strip naked and run through a park
Florida Woman August 8, 2018 Florida suspect "udder" arrest after herd of cows chases her into custody
Florida Woman August 9, 2018 Woman Chased By A Herd of Cows While Trying To Avoid Arrest
Florida Woman August 10, 2018 Florida woman killed while ordering at McDonald's drive-thru
Florida Woman August 11, 2018 Deputies: Florida woman sought towers 'within sniping range' of courthouse
Florida Woman August 12, 2018 Shoplifter with knife causes Sawgrass Mills mall evacuation
Florida Woman August 13, 2018 Florida Woman Arrested For Threatening Facebook Post
Florida Woman August 14, 2018 Florida Woman Caught Stealing Bottle Of E&J Brandy By Sticking It Up Her Vagina
Florida Woman August 15, 2018 Brooksville woman. 35. struck and killed by car in Spring Hill
Florida Woman August 16, 2017 Florida Woman drunkenly bites man’s fishing line at St. Johns County pier
Florida Woman August 17, 2016 Florida woman: 'This bear has got some balls'
Florida Woman August 19, 2018 Florida woman arrested after stealing donations for slain girl
Florida Woman August 19,2015 A Florida woman is demanding an apology from Taco Bell for serving her a fingernail
Florida Woman August 20, 2018 Video shows Florida woman in wheelchair riding in back of pickup truck
Florida Woman August 21, 2018 Police: Tallahassee woman arrested for burglary after impersonating trash collector
Florida Woman August 22, 2018 FL woman allegedly lived with boyfriends dismembered body for months
Florida Woman August 23, 2018 Woman survives being attacked by alligator in Florida lake
Florida Woman August 24, 2017 Florida mom accused of DUI while picking up child from school
Florida Woman August 25, 2017 Florida woman says she was using her 'white privilege for the right reasons,' after punching alleged racist
Florida Woman August 26, 2018 Florida woman sets fire to estranged husband's home
Florida Woman August 27, 2018 Florida Woman Describes Horrific Encounter With Alligator Who Bit Her in Lake: 'I Could've
Florida Woman August 28, 2015 Third female Ranger student moves on to Swamp Phase
Florida Woman August 29, 2018 Florida woman struck by lightning
Florida Woman August 30, 2018 Woman killed during drug raid in Beverly Hills
Florida Woman August 31, 2018 She got arrested for stealing a can of soda. Then she did something else
Florida Woman September 01, 2017 Woman at center of Oakland Police sex scandal arrested in Florida
Florida Woman September 2, 2018 Woman Dies After Getting Separated From Florida Dive Tour
Florida Woman September 3, 2018 Facebook video shows Florida woman putting her son's head in toilet
Florida Woman September 4, 2018 2 Bodies Found After Woman Sees Blood Dripping From Ceiling
Florida Woman September 5, 2018 VIDEO: Florida Woman Arrested For Killing 2-Year-Old Son, Boy’s Body Found In Woods
Florida Woman September 6, 2017 Florida Keys woman who hasn't evacuated in 51 years: "I'm not staying for Irma"
Florida Woman September 7, 2018 Man was killed with a machete, cops say. Florida woman is charged with murder
Florida Woman September 8, 2016 Woman raped at knifepoint in Hollywood
Florida Woman September 9, 2018 Florida woman claims wind blew cocaine into purse
Florida Woman September 10, 2018 Couple killed in murder-suicide at southwest Miami-Dade home
Florida Woman September 11, 2017 Florida Woman Gives Birth After Fleeing Hurricane Irma, Gives Baby an Appropriate Name
Florida Woman September 12, 2018 Florida woman doused husband's eyes with hot sauce during argument
Florida Woman September 13, 2018 Woman faces murder charge in boyfriend’s shooting death
Florida Woman September 14, 2018 1 dead, 1 hospitalized in explosion at Taylor County plant
Florida Woman September 15, 2018 Tampa, FL - Woman Dies After Being Struck by Car Mirror
Florida Woman September 16, 2018 Woman killed in rollover crash in Osceola County
Florida Woman September 17, 2018 Woman beaten for hours inside Lauderhill home after taking in homeless person
Florida Woman September 18, 2018 Dispute with woman outside West Palm home preceded fatal shooting
Florida Woman September 19, 2018 Florida woman wakes to find raccoon inside home
Florida Woman September 20, 2018 Florida Woman Charged With Threatening Coworkers in Emails
Florida Woman September 21, 2018 Woman accused of drunkenly driving with child into pond
Florida Woman September 22, 2018 Florida women take Mountain Dew Invitational Crown for Fifth Straight Year
Florida Woman September 23, 2014 Florida woman gets surgery to add third breast to make herself 'unattractive to men'
Florida Woman September 24, 2018 Body of a woman found on Miami Beach
Florida Woman September 25, 2015 Florida woman 'saves' land-dwelling tortoise by throwing it into a lake
Florida Woman September 26, 2018 Florida deputy shoots woman trying to stab her ex in a ‘jealous rage’
Florida Woman September 27, 2017 Woman arrested in 27-year-old Florida killer clown case
Florida Woman September 28, 2018 Florida woman charged with hitting husband with vacuum part
Florida Woman September 29, 2018 Florida woman charged in toddler’s death in hot car
Florida Woman September 30, 2018 Florida woman charged in toddler's death in hot car
Florida Woman October 1, 2018 Florida Woman Allegedly Sliced Man’s Face With A Knife After He Refused To Have Sex With Her
Florida Woman October 2, 2018 Woman claims she was racially profiled at South Florida H&M store
Florida Woman October 3, 2015 South Florida Woman Stabs Husband During Sex
Florida Woman October 4, 2018 Florida woman gets 12 years for poisoning baby with Tylenol
Florida Woman October 5, 2018 Real or not? Miami-Dade police investigating video showing woman firing gun, taking child
Florida Woman October 7, 2016 Florida woman becomes first US victim as hurricane blocks rescue
Florida Woman October 8, 2018 Florida Woman Arrested after Allegedly Recreating ‘Dirty Dancing’ in Wine Store
Florida Woman October 9, 2015 A Florida woman glued her eye shut after mistaking super glue for eye drops
Florida Woman October 10, 2018 Flight delayed after woman brings 'emotional support squirrel' on plane
Florida Woman October 11, 2018 BLM Mobbed an Elderly Woman in a Wheelchair
Florida Woman October 12, 2018 Florida Woman Says She Accidentally Fatally Stabbed Husband After Tripping on Rug
Florida Woman October 13, 2016 Florida woman says Donald Trump groped her at Mar-a-Lago
Florida Woman October 14, 2017 300 pound FL woman convicted of murder for sitting on 9-year-old
Florida Woman October 15, 2018 Panama City, Fl Interview with woman who rode out storm as roof got ripped off
Florida Woman October 16, 2018 Florida woman says she accidentally stabbed, killed husband after tripping on rug
Florida Woman October 17, 2018 Florida woman lights Macy's underwear rack on fire
Florida Woman October 18, 2018 Florida woman, 'Golfcart Gail,' calls police on black father enjoying his son's soccer game
Florida Woman October 19, 2018 Woman and her daughter enjoying descent, before entering the rapids of the river in Infin at Seaworld Theme Park
Florida Woman October 20, 2018 Woman dies in early Saturday car crash
Florida Woman October 21, 2018 Woman with her son, walking and enjoying sunset in Clearwater Beach
Florida Woman October 22, 2018 Woman shot in chest driving on rural Apopka road: random or targeted?
Florida Woman October 23, 2018 Florida Woman Accused of Spraying Dogs With Ant Killer
Florida Woman October 24, 2018 Police say Satan-worshiping Florida middle school students planned to attack, kill 15 students
Florida Woman October 25, 2018 Woman trainer and cheetah about to jump at Bush Gardens Tampa Bay Theme Park
Florida Woman October 26, 2018 2 middle school girls waited in a bathroom and planned to cut up their classmates
Florida Woman October 27, 2018 Woman Charged After Child Falls From 2nd-Floor Window
Florida Woman October 28, 2018 Attempted murder-suicide in parking garage after Georgia-Florida game
Florida Woman October 29,2018 ‘Suspicious package’ was Florida woman’s online order: authorities
Florida Woman October 30, 2017 Sex for a Beanie Baby? One woman got arrested for it!
Florida Woman October 31, 2018 Deeply embedded maggot found in Florida woman’s groin
Florida Woman November 1, 2018 Florida Woman Finds Maggot in Her Groin After Honeymoon Trip to Belize
Florida Woman November 2, 2017 Woman killed by Brightline train
Florida Woman November 3, 2018 15-year-old killed mother, buried her at Volusia church
Florida Woman November 4, 2017 A Florida woman rode her horse on a highway drunk, police say. She was charged with a DUI
Florida Woman November 5, 2018 Woman claims she was handed baby at Disney resort
Florida Woman November 6, 2017 Video shows Florida police officer punch woman in face at football game
Florida Woman November 7, 2018 Florida woman, 73, arrested for bringing ‘her meth’ to doctor’s office
Florida Woman November 8, 2018 Florida Woman Arrested For Reportedly Stabbing Boyfriend Outside Burger King
Florida Woman November 9, 2018 Florida women accused of stealing Vietnam vet’s service dog
Florida Woman November 10, 2018 One Florida Woman’s Saga to Make Sure Her Vote Isn’t Thrown Out
Florida Woman November 11, 2018 91-year-old Florida woman fights off attacker in Walmart parking lot
Florida Woman November 12, 2018 Florida Woman, 42, Nabbed After Brazen Crustacean Heist At Red Lobster
Florida Woman November 13, 2018 Extremely Florida Woman Attempts to Steal Live Lobster From Restaurant
Florida Woman November 14, 2018 Florida woman steals live lobster from Red Lobster
Florida Woman November 15, 2018 73-year-old Florida woman was worried about the meth she was smoking, so she took it to her doctor
Florida Woman November 16, 2018 Florida woman accused of defrauding 2 couples
Florida Woman November 17, 2018 Woman Killed in Jet Dragster Crash at Florida Raceway
Florida Woman November 18, 2018 76-year-old woman who reportedly died after being pushed by husband identified
Florida Woman November 19, 2017 Florida woman accused of killing husband, hiding duct-taped body in closet and walling over it
Florida Woman November 20, 2018 Florida woman tries to grab officer's gun, stabs him with pen
Florida Woman November 21, 2018 Woman violinist playing holiday music at Christmas Show in SeaWorld
Florida Woman November 22, 2018 Martin County woman killed in Turnpike crash
Florida Woman November 23, 2018 Florida woman drops baby while running through traffic
Florida Woman November 24, 2018 Woman shot dead at Florida Walmart in domestic dispute
Florida Woman November 25, 2018 Florida Woman Fleeing From Police Drops Baby on Head
Florida Woman November 26, 2018 Woman Battered Man Over Rejection
Florida Woman November 27, 2018 Latina Woman Allegedly Calls Black Woman N-Word In Bed Bath & Beyond
Florida Woman November 28, 2018 Florida woman accused of pulling knife on man who confronted her about her loud fart
Florida Woman November 29, 2018 Florida woman passes gas in line at Dollar General, pulls knife on offended man
Florida Woman November 30, 2018 Family Of Missing South Florida Woman Who Disappeared In Costa Rica Seeks Answers
Florida Woman December 1, 2017 FL -Jordan DiBiasi during the NCAA Semi-Final match between the Stanford Cardinals and the South Carolina Gamecocks at Orlando City Stadium;4~;aPoC6X8AzG1Y~_M~-.bps.a.1839053822802693.1073741868.134531713254921/1839055282802547/?type=3&source=49&__tn__=EH-R
Florida Woman December 2, 2018 Family Searches for Missing Florida Woman on Costa Rican Vacation
Florida Woman December 3, 2017 Florida woman receives marriage proposal after winning marathon
Florida Woman December 4, 2018 Body found on property in Costa Rica where missing Florida woman was staying
Florida Woman December 5, 2018 Florida Woman Attacked by Hippo While Canoeing with Her Husband in Africa
Florida Woman December 6, 2018 Bah, Humbug: Florida neighbors scorn woman over display
Florida Woman December 7, 2018 Witness Tells Troopers Woman Was Hit Multiple Times on I-95
Florida Woman December 8, 2018 Woman found dead on I-95 in Pompano Beach identified
Florida Woman December 9, 2018 Florida woman refuses to remove Guadalupe from mobile home
Florida Woman December 10, 2018 Woman Farts In Store, Pulls Knife On Offended Customer
Florida Woman December 11, 2018 Family of woman struck, killed along I-95 says date left her for dead
Florida Woman December 12, 2018 Husband's death was blamed on alligators, but prosecutors say his wife ordered him killed for $1.75 million insurance money
Florida Woman December 13, 2018 Florida woman throws concrete rock at officer
Florida Woman December 14, 2018 18 years later, Denise guilty in murder of husband Mike Williams
Florida Woman December 15, 2018 Florida woman convicted of role in husband’s 2000 killing
Florida Woman December 16, 2018 Tallahassee, FL – Woman From Quincy Arrested and Charged with Bank Fraud
Florida Woman December 17, 2018 Wife Plotted with Husband's Best Friend to Murder Him — and then Killers Married Each Other
Florida Woman December 18, 2018 Woman attacked ex with broken chair after argument over cat
Florida Woman December 19, 2018 Woman struck and killed in NW Miami-Dade
Florida Woman December 20, 2018 Florida Woman Spends $45K On Holiday Decorations
Florida Woman December 21, 2018 Orange County, FL - Woman Killed, Child Hurt in Crash on Florida’s Turnpike
Florida Woman December 22, 2018 Family of Carla Stefaniak, Florida woman killed in Costa Rica, sues Airbnb
Florida Woman December 23, 2018 Florida Woman Dies While Walking Roadway After Traffic Stop
Florida Woman December 24, 2018 Homeless Kissimmee Woman Wants a Home for the Holidays
Florida Woman December 25, 2018 Port St. Lucie woman among 4 killed in Christmas wreck in Highlands County
Florida Woman December 26, 2018 Florida woman arrested after committing robbery with toy gun
Florida Woman December 27, 2018 Florida woman with plastic gun robs mail carrier, rides off on tricycle,
Florida Woman December 28, 2018 Florida woman held up postal truck with a plastic gun and fled on a tricycle
Florida Woman December 29, 2017 Florida woman fatally shot misbehaving puppy
Florida Woman December 30, 2017 Florida Woman the Latest Concealed Carrier to Be Arrested in New Jersey
Florida Woman December 31, 2018 Florida woman arrested after making child jump out of moving car

Bill Gates Showcase Practice Makes Perfect with Warrent Buffett

Practice makes perfect and arguably the most intelligent person alive is showcasing that here. It's Bill Gates in Omaha, Nebraska with Warren Buffet working at a Dairy Queen. Besides it being comical for a couple of laughs you should also note that it showcases that Practice Makes Perfect and even on Bill Gates first attempt to make a Soft Serve Ice Cream cone you can see that it's not the most pretty cone and Buffett gives it a big laugh. With practice though I'm sure Gates would be able to make a beautiful cone for the Dairy Queen visitors of Omaha.