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X.AI The Future of Scheduling

X.AI's artificial intelligence Amy is like something from the movie HER. It's going to be one of the next big things as they call it. With $12 million dollars in funding and the recipient of some great press already.

It's in Beta form right now and only select users have access to it at the moment as the artificial intelligence is learning patterns and recognizing how best to respond and schedule appointments for it's users.

The software will end up replacing Apples SIRI sooner rather than later. That is my prediction.


P.S. if you sign up for Amy from X.AI here is what you receive from Dennis Mortensen


"I really appreciate you signing up – and I am thrilled about the incredible demand we’ve seen for our artificial intelligence meeting scheduling solution!

We’re adding busy people as fast as we can every week so hang tight. We’ll send Amy to rescue you from meeting scheduling nightmares soon enough. While you wait, you can check your spot in the x.ai waitlist any time here.

Dennis and the x.ai team :-)

PS. You can read more about how Amy works here - and learn why CBS News said, "Amy feels like the future.""