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The Lottery Hack

In what I think is one of the best editorial pieces I have read that has ever come out of the Huffington Post by Jason Fagone: The Lottery Winners is a great piece that details how a semi-retired Michigan couple embarks on a journey to take advantage of an opportunity in the Michigan and then the Massachusetts lottery system. The Lottery WinFall games talk about how a loophole in a system can be exploited and those either with enough intelligence or hard work (in this case they spent thousands of hours doing mundane tasks and driving 700+ miles through Canada and back into the USA) can create a short lived business opportunity.

It's a great piece that I'm bookmarking along with the original Boston Globe Spotlight piece:


Another article of respect from last week: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanmac/this-is-the-man-who-helped-peter-thiel-demolish-gawker-mr-a?utm_term=.uvLLwzDam#.gnYkq4aQ5