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Knowing how to profit from your craft Thanks to Pablo Picasso

Was just told about the Pablo Picasso story creating a drawing for a fan in merely minutes and then asking for the equivalent of $500,000 in dollars today. She was offended and said but why would I ever pay that much when it took you only minutes to do? The answer was that it's not the time it takes to do something it's the skills behind being able to do so and that is what you pay for said the Spanish Artist. It took me 30 years to refine my craft and that is what you are paying for.

This is no difference than the plumber who comes to your house to fix your Air Conditioner and takes a look at the machine, asks for a hammer, bangs the machine once and fixes the issue and asks for $1000. Knowing how to use that hammer and the skills behind your craft are whats valuable.

Replicator 3D Printing Technology

As I was an early adopoter to the current 3D printing Boom and growth that we've been seeing over the last decade especially with the growth and success of Protos Eyewear the first consumer grade 3D printed eyewear that also is completely customizable based on the metrics of your face I was amazed to see Scientific American with the replicator article today. It scans the object and completely replicates it as one solid piece as opposed to additive manufacturing layer by layer. Curious to learn more about this (if you come across this and do please contact me).

With the Protos Eyewear project the crafting and customizing of the hinges proved to be one of the most difficult tasks so I'm curious how this would replicate a pair of high end eyewear?


-Richart Ruddie