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Richart Ruddie Book Recommendation - Abundance

Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler it another highly recommended book to check out. Diamandis talks about creating high impact and social entrepreneurship like companies that will affect billions and create positive change in the world. From solar energy, clean water, and vertical farming are just some of the many discussions that he opens the readers minds up to.

If you haven't read any of Diamandis' books then this is a great one to start off with before moving onto to Bold which is his follow up to Abundance.

Legend Ed Thorpe Interview

On a recent Chat with Traders interview somebody I have followed for years Ed Thorpe was interviewed. I highly recommend those that are into Mathematics to listen to it here.

The interview is for an upcoming book release by the famous mathematician and Beat the Dealer author. At the end of the interview he discusses his memoir and how he got started in life and into things like Blackjack, Roulette, the stock market, and the different profit centers that he found along the way. These include statistical arbitrage and a hedge fund that was chronicled in a book that I read years ago called "Quants".  He also says at the end of the interview that you can still beat 90% of the investors without doing a lot of work as the majority of people are lazy. It is however important about finding out whats really important in life. Most people in life just don't get it because some people put too much value into work and not into truly living because money truly isn't everything. People get hooked and don't stop working for money because you can never have enough and thats what drives a lot of people to pile up more and more money (not true wealth) and then wondering what it was really for? In the end if you can't go out and enjoy it why did you work so hard to obtain it?

Lesson: Don't just pile up wealth. Do something of value in life. Think about how you will be remembered.

Barnes & Noble Going All Hardcover

Shopping at Barnes & Nobles for some new books this evening I noticed something peculiar.

There are little to no softcover books. The majority of the store is filled with hardcover books. When I travel my preference is to have a great softcover book to fit into my bag. Tonight I purchased two softcovers and one hardcover but it was not easy to find. Naseem Talib's Fooled By Randomness was a gigantic hardcover that looked nothing like my personal soft copy. It was so abnormal that I almost purchased it thinking it was a book I didn't own already but I doubt thats why there are so many hard copies in the store.

Where Have all the softcover books Gone?

All the softies are being forced out. Is this a non-capacity issue? Making the store look more crowded with books without actually having to fill it with as many books? I am not quite sure but the nice lady at the checkout pushing the BNC club on me said it was a corporate decision and she did not know why.

If you have thoughts or reasons on why you can almost only buy hardcover book at Barbes & Noble then please do let me know.

Books I'm About to Read

Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness

This book was originally published in early 2009 by Ricahrd Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with my distant cousin Matthew who I had not seen in over twenty years. We had the pleasure to catch up about his work as a scientist in Illinois and soon to be Iowa and great books that we had in common. One that came highly recommended that I just purchased was Nudge.
If you know me then you know my love and expressed consent to read How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. He has a list of other great books that preach what I try to practice in everyday life. By the end of the summer an additional Carnegie book will be under my belt.
The Real and the Cereal by: Chuck Klosterman. When I first read eating the dinosaur I had no idea what I was about to embark upon. In the end Chuck had a new fan ready to purchase all of his books.
As always for the best deals you can purchase books at Amazon, Flea Markets, Consignment shops, or use your local library for free rentals.