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Recycle Plastic and Become the worlds largest company

This past years winner from The Royal statistical society was for a creative number was for 90.5% thats the amount of plastic that can be recycled in the world to create a multi-trillion dollar company. The 90.5% is the amount of plastic that is currently unrecycled. Sustainable companies that positively impact the world are a growing trend. Look at the success of the Beyond and Impossible Burgers. Instead of paraphrasing the piece read part of it below and the rest of it at:

Plastics have outgrown most man-made materials and have long been under environmental scrutiny. However, robust global information, particularly about their end-of-life fate, is lacking. By identifying and synthesizing dispersed data on production, use, and end-of-life management of polymer resins, synthetic fibers, and additives, we present the first global analysis of all mass-produced plastics ever manufactured. We estimate that 8300 million metric tons (Mt) as of virgin plastics have been produced to date. As of 2015, approximately 6300 Mt of plastic waste had been generated, around 9% of which had been recycled, 12% was incinerated, and 79% was accumulated in landfills or the natural environment. If current production and waste management trends continue, roughly 12,000 Mt of plastic waste will be in landfills or in the natural environment by 2050.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Mark Zuckerberg just announced today on Facebook an amazing announcement about their hiring of Dr. Cori Bargmann. The goal is to cure all diseases in our children's lifetime. Arnold Schwarzenegger (No way I spelled that right without auto correct) chimed in and said it best and we all should take note: "life is all about what we give, not what we make".

Using your power for good and to continiously make the world a better place starting at such a young age is what sets the CZ initiative apart from so many others who have amassed wealth at a young age but did not act either till much later in life or not at all. This is inspiring and one of the many reasons why a recent poll came out that placed Zuck at the top for millennial inspirations.


For more information visit:

Take any system and make it much better:

Fact Checking Inaccarucies for People vs OJ Episdoe 6

Each week the public is enamored with the People vs. OJ Simpson on FX. Following each episode it is fun to go ahead and see what is true and what is false from that weeks episode. Some things seem so obscure but yet they end up being true. Case and point the Marcia Clark nude photo that appears in the National Enquirer where she is shown in a "topless bathing suit". This was referenced from my hometown newspaper in the Baltimore Sun which ironically follows suit with this line

"Only Hillary Clinton has gone through more repackaging for a public that still hasn't decided if it wants women to work, let alone be good at their jobs." Fast forward to 2016 and Hilary is most likely the Democratic parties presidential candidate.

Okay so Back to the Point of my Rant about Inaccuracy 

So what am I calling out writer Abigal Rowe for missing in her Complex piece this week?

"True or False: Clark was offended by Cochran's courtroom teasing "as a mother and as a woman," and later broke down in tears.

We looked through transcriptions and couldn’t find this particular quote. It’s probably an exaggeration. Clark also recently told the Daily Beast that she had to keep her “poker face” on in court, so no crying, and no emotional (albeit deserved) tirades against a sexist system."

With just a brief search of Rosa Lopez's testimony and information appears from a search a February 28, 1995 L.A. Times article written by Andrea Ford and Jim Newton that describes some of the scenes that took place in last weeks episode of which the following pieces from the Times piece confirms that this is a Fact and not fiction from last weeks episode as quoted below:

"Cochran was furious, asking Ito not to let himself be "snookered" by the prosecution. The lawyer accused Clark of saying Friday that she needed to care for her two young children that night--and thus could not be present for proposed evening testimony by Lopez--as a ruse to delay the housekeeper's appearance on the stand. An indignant Clark retorted that she was "offended as a woman, as a single parent, as a prosecutor and as an officer of the court."

Ito ruled in her favor, as he generally does when the defense and prosecution clash."

Read the L.A. Times article here:

Abigal or the Complex staff if you are reading this please make the proper edits with a hat tip to me for pointing out the error.

Jamie Dimon on Africa Banking - Helping Future Generations

In Jamie Dimons October 19, 2015 interview with Bloomberg he talks about the future and bankings growing role in the importance of worldwide prosperity. On the Bloomberg interview he talks about the importance of ignoring and not worrying about quarterly earnings. Dimon is here for the longer term and even says well beyond his time here.

With 250,000 employees and 150 countries around the world Dimon says that its impossible to fight the U.S. Government and be dragged through the mud but he is so intelligent that he says he will never jeopardize his company for ego or for an indictment of some sorts. He has been an integral part of saving this countries banking system and obviously does not receive the credit from the U.S. government for all he has done. When you compare our financial situation to that of other countries.

Dimon also says "Im opening banks in Africa to help the next generation thinking long term and for the future. Africa is a place to bank multinationals going in. Not retail." Due to problems with government restrictions in Ghana they were unable to open a few years ago but are going back in now and corporate clients want JP Morgan chase in Africa. The governments remember that Chase helps finance large scale projects and can help a country grow and while his work is not going to directly benefit all of Africa this quarter or Chase shareholders next quarter it is for the future and that is whats so respectable. 

Three Great Words

Simplify, strengthen, and improve.

Ron Bruder

Brookhill Group Founder and founder of EFE which stands for the Education for Employment. Bruder was just on CNBC and is the type of persona that we should all aim to achieve. From successful business ventures in many different fields ranging from Real Estate, Medicine, to Oil & Gas to a more noble cause once he was financially capable with the EFE.

Bruder has the right idea and over the long run we will see the successful outcome of his mission for increasing youth employment opportunities in the middle east & Africa. EFE creates public-private partnerships with employers to train children to develop enough skills to be placed for employment with a degree of desirability.

He was named to Times 100 most influential people in the world and for great reason. Hat tip to Ron Bruder.


I was very lucky in my life. Kids I meet in the Middle East have the same intellect and drive as I had, but don't have the same opportunities...We can make a radical difference to their lives. Once they have a job, they feel part of society. They can become a breadwinner and maybe support eight or nine people, including their siblings.

— Ron Bruder

Why Elon Musk is the Most Valuable Person in the World

If there is a will then there is a way. After spending what seems like countless days reading Tim Urban and Andrew Finns Wait But Whys latest feature on How and Why Spacex Will Colonize Mars detailing with in depth precision everything from how cool it was to go to the Moon in the 60's and how excitement has waned to the most important part of the piece and why Elon Musk is the most valuable person in the world.

We are doomed. Well maybe not us today but humanity in our time here on planet earth will one day succumb to one of four possible doomsday situations. When that time comes if we have colonized and made life on a different planet then we can ensure the survival of our species.

There are people who set out to change the world but can't because of financial constraints. We have to wonder how many other people would be on missions to disrupt the world for the better if their initial successes took off as Musk's had.

Elons mission is a motivator to the entire world. He wants to give us a reason to get up in the morning and to be excited about life. Life is all about being positive and having our sights set on big goals. Saving humanity and guaranteeing our future is just one of the many huge bonuses of what SpaceX is doing and he is so damn passionate about it that he is holding off on going to Mars until he knows that without the slightest bit of uncertainty that SpaceX will carry on with out him in full capacity with people as passionate and strong willed as he.  

We all strive to be great and Musk is our Edison of today. The greatest man to ever live. Thousands of years if not millions the future will look back at this small period of time and talk about the man who saved humanity and ensured it's survival.

A whole new profound respect after reading the Wait But Why Novel on Space X and why it is so damn important. 


If the Wait But Why Guys are reading this then shoot me a message and I will gladly donate a few hundred dollars to your cause to keep you blogging and have some other ideas for you.

Why the Chipotle Bash Is Wrong

There is an awfully supiscious and INCORRECT bashing going on right now. This is aimed at popular fast casual burrito chain Chipotle where a website called launching an incorrect and unverified claims that if you eat Chipotle Burritos alone you will get FAT.

Folks at Consumer Freedom really need to fact check or admit that they are being paid off by McDonalds and Subway executives because they are getting slaughtered (no pun intended) by Chipotles better food, better ingredients, same price model.

First Here is the text from the ad (Graphic not posted due to fears of copyright infringement. We want this post to live on)


Healthy  Eat two "all natural" chipotle burritos a week and you could gain 40 pounds in a year.

The negative ad states that :"Chipotle makes high-calorie burrtios and tacos but spends most of its marketing dollars stressing how "sustainable" it is, or how its fods are antibiotic-free (until it sells meat that isn't). All these claims sound good, but experts say they don't make their food healther. Experts do agree that eating 1,300-1,500 calorie burriots will probably make you fat."

Now anybody who has read the Fat Loss Bands Books would know that it's not what you eat but rather the calories in and calories out principle. If you were to eat Oatmeal for breakfast and a half pound of Grilled Chicken and Steamed Broccoli for Lunch and dinner each day then you could end up looking like the guy in the photo. Reason is it's not all about what you eat but how much exercise and proper dieting that goes into the mix.

That advertisement is absolute non-sense and I will gladly educate Chipotle haters free of charge.


What it takes for a TLD To Get Noticed

Google made a big announcement yesterday that they will be separating their companies and new ventures. This announcement by Sergey Brin and Larry Page said that their new domain wil be ABC.XYZ.

The founder of the .XYZ which is not on the same scale as .Com, .Net, and .Org TLD (Top Level Domain) Daniel Negari the registrars operator who could not be any happier and we are happy for him. He was recently quoted in a magazine issue of Wired as saying that "We end the alphabet in ‘xyz’ and we should end domain names the same way.”

Googles newest holding company will be called Alphabet and with the largest internet website and player in the world signaling that they are willing to use a .XYZ domain will quite possibly lead the way to other corporations purchasing extensions that end in .XYZ thus driving the domainers who squat on high end names for years out of business.

 ICANN which stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has been releasing new gTLDs which cost $185,000 for an application and once approved an additional $25,000 a year. This then just sparked an idea in my head that should have went off during the initial announcement in 2011 that this may be a great business model if you can/could have scooped up the better extensions such as .XYZ that will hopefully for Mr. Negari's sake become more mainstream and earn him a nice chunk of change. 

When was the last time you came up with a good .com name and found that it wasnt already taken by a cybersquatter asking a ridiculous amount of money for the name? Look at how sold for $500,000 and Bre Pettis who previously owned it was asking $12 million dollars originally according to an inside source I spoke with on the matter but was sold so Makerbot could make payroll and eventually cash out big time ($403 million in stock and options).  In googles case it would be extremely odd if they tried to purchase which goes to the media and television companies website and is the car leasing companies official website.

Google could have very easily created or ABC.GOOGLE.COM but instead they just spent the $9.99 fee and purchased ABC.XYZ and have now possibly opened the floodgates for people to start purchasing .xyz extensions and making it a new norm.

Only time will tell.