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The most important day of your life but to me it was Tuesday

Below is a clip which is coined as one of the best quotes ever from one of the worst movies ever. Street Fighter where M. Bison talks about his incoherence to Chung Liu's most fateful day. In the scene above "I'm sorry I don't remember any of it.. You don't remember. For you the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life but to me it was Tuesday." This is such a relevant quote because of things that are crazy in many people's eyes are just another day for somebody else. Tuesday in this case..

What does Reddit Stand For?

A recent Reddit thread has some thoughts on what it would stand for if it did stand for something and here are some of the highlights:







(R.E.D.D.I.T.) Reason Everybody Doesnt Do Important Tasks

Read Endless Debates Devoid of Intelligent Thought

Read Everyone's Dumb and Delightful Internet Thoughts

Really elaborate discussions discussing irrelevant topics

Revealing Everyone's Deepest Darkest Internet Thoughts

Redundant Extrapolations Deduced & Discussed by Internet Trolls

Read. Evaluate. Deliberate. Decide. Instigate. Troll.


I personally love the Troll comments.

Fact Checking Complex.com Inaccarucies for People vs OJ Episdoe 6

Each week the public is enamored with the People vs. OJ Simpson on FX. Following each episode it is fun to go ahead and see what is true and what is false from that weeks episode. Some things seem so obscure but yet they end up being true. Case and point the Marcia Clark nude photo that appears in the National Enquirer where she is shown in a "topless bathing suit". This was referenced from my hometown newspaper in the Baltimore Sun which ironically follows suit with this line

"Only Hillary Clinton has gone through more repackaging for a public that still hasn't decided if it wants women to work, let alone be good at their jobs." Fast forward to 2016 and Hilary is most likely the Democratic parties presidential candidate.

Okay so Back to the Point of my Rant about Complex.com Inaccuracy 

So what am I calling out writer Abigal Rowe for missing in her Complex piece this week?

"True or False: Clark was offended by Cochran's courtroom teasing "as a mother and as a woman," and later broke down in tears.

We looked through transcriptions and couldn’t find this particular quote. It’s probably an exaggeration. Clark also recently told the Daily Beast that she had to keep her “poker face” on in court, so no crying, and no emotional (albeit deserved) tirades against a sexist system."

With just a brief search of Rosa Lopez's testimony and information appears from a search a February 28, 1995 L.A. Times article written by Andrea Ford and Jim Newton that describes some of the scenes that took place in last weeks episode of which the following pieces from the Times piece confirms that this is a Fact and not fiction from last weeks episode as quoted below:

"Cochran was furious, asking Ito not to let himself be "snookered" by the prosecution. The lawyer accused Clark of saying Friday that she needed to care for her two young children that night--and thus could not be present for proposed evening testimony by Lopez--as a ruse to delay the housekeeper's appearance on the stand. An indignant Clark retorted that she was "offended as a woman, as a single parent, as a prosecutor and as an officer of the court."

Ito ruled in her favor, as he generally does when the defense and prosecution clash."

Read the L.A. Times article here: http://articles.latimes.com/1995-02-28/news/mn-37009_1_rosa-lopez/2

Abigal or the Complex staff if you are reading this please make the proper edits with a hat tip to me for pointing out the error.

Why the internet Didn't Kill Strip Clubs but Disrupted the Porn Industry

One Word: Experience

When you experience something in person as opposed to virtually it has a different feeling in your brain that releases seratonin and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Music Festivals, Sporting Events, and live entertainment still thrives in the digital age. People want the in person interaction that you get at a strip club. Seeing is believing and even a slight touch or feel is enough to get somebody out of the house and to an entertainment club. Don't believe it? Check out club E11ven in Downtown Miami where a mix of Cirque De Soleil, night club, and dancers parade around. This place is alive and well where magazines and DVD sales have all but stopped because of the internet.

Same reason as Bob Lefetz would agree that CD sales are gone but artists who want to survive and make money today have to go on tour and give their fans the real live experience. The entertainment is multi-faceted and holds true for all different forms of entertainment.