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Most Important Things in the Future

When we look at the future and things that will most affect the world in which we live in what are they? As you have read here I have praised the brilliant Elon Musk. In one of the latest Wait but Why in depth posts Musk answers the question. I endorse and agree with all of the items which are as follows:

“The internet; sustainable energy; space exploration, in particular the permanent extension of life beyond Earth; artificial intelligence; and reprogramming the human genetic code.”

My additions to this tie in with the reprogramming of the genetic code which is sustainability of human life. When we figure out a way to give humans the gift of eternity then we have hit on something that is in the same categories of changing our energy sources, space travel, A.I., and the way we are connected through technology. One thing that I don't believe will ever happen that we wish could happen is Time Travel & Teleporting.