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Alternative Locations for Ultra Music Festival in Miami

Miami commissioners have said no to renewing Ultra Music Festivals Bayfront Park location earlier today. The only comment on potential alternative locations was the Hard Rock Stadium which is quite far from the usual Downtown Miami location. If they would want to move the location that far away then here are some other venues and locations that may be a fit for 2019 Ultra Music Festival if they are unable to work out a deal for Bayfront Park:

1. Hard Rock Stadium - Home of the Miami Dolphins I don't believe is a great place for a music festival as rolling loud took place there and a Paint Party festival that took place in December. The area has no hotels and traffic would back up causing too many logistical issues. 20 minutes northwest or 15 miles from the current location.

2. South Beach - they could set up pop up tents and have a beach party bringing it back to their roots. They of course would also have to figure out permits and compliance.

3. Mana Wynwood - Same place that they hold the 3 points music festival in the art district. The festival would really have to slim down as I don't believe the capacity would be even close to what Bayfront Park Reaches.

4. Homestead Speedway - As we know from Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta and EDC Vegas motor speedways are great locations for holding music festivals as their size is immense and is 42 minutes south or 32.5 miles away from the current event location.

5. Miami Beach convention center - After seeing a show here I was impressed with what they can do here but this also completely changes the vibe and energy of the event.

6. Big Cypress Indian Reservation - This is one that I always wondered why they haven't done a big event here. Phish did an 85,000 person concert here and it would turn Ultra into a camping event. Issues that I've heard is that there is no signage and it's difficult to get in and out of. Also if its rainy then it will end up being a mud fest.

7. Virginia Beach Key - Last year Rapture music festival was held on the Thursday before the music festival kicked off. While it may be rented for other Miami Music Week events this is a hidden gem that is a great place for events.

8. Gulfstream Race Track - In Hallandale Beach, Florida just north of Miami there is a horse racing track that could be setup to throw an event.

I personally don't think any location will have the flare that downtown Miami has but think that a Beach setup would be the next best thing in the area.


Why the internet Didn't Kill Strip Clubs but Disrupted the Porn Industry

One Word: Experience

When you experience something in person as opposed to virtually it has a different feeling in your brain that releases seratonin and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Music Festivals, Sporting Events, and live entertainment still thrives in the digital age. People want the in person interaction that you get at a strip club. Seeing is believing and even a slight touch or feel is enough to get somebody out of the house and to an entertainment club. Don't believe it? Check out club E11ven in Downtown Miami where a mix of Cirque De Soleil, night club, and dancers parade around. This place is alive and well where magazines and DVD sales have all but stopped because of the internet.

Same reason as Bob Lefetz would agree that CD sales are gone but artists who want to survive and make money today have to go on tour and give their fans the real live experience. The entertainment is multi-faceted and holds true for all different forms of entertainment.