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Why Do We Wait 8 Days for a Bris?

A rabbi was speaking this afternoon at a Bris I was in attendance for and he educated us on some interesting "Bris" facts in case you care to know. The first being that a Bris is supposed to be done during the day and not at night. The reason for that is we want to do it in daylight so when the snipping happens nothing goes wrong and you can see during the day as opposed to when the sun goes down and you can't see.

Bris's are supposed to take place 8 days after the boy is born. There have been arguments for over 2,500 years on why we wait 8 days but the most plausible one is that the baby should experience a full week on his own and at least one Shabbat before being named. The less sound fairy tale explanation was that the "God" created earth over a 7 day period and on the 8th day is when we would take over with our hands. Obviously the earth wasn't made in 8 days and so you can imagine how arguments over the 8 days for the bris come about.

None the less thats the education I received today and here I am jotting it down so I don't forget it.

How Much are you learning from those around you?

It's not just about your mentors but ask yourself how much am I learning from the people around me? The people you surround yourself that inspire you to do the best that you can do and those who you can learn from will make such a difference.

Learn from your core group of friends and those who you surround yourself with.


This is why cultures are built in San Francisco of like minded entrepreneurs and start ups, those interested in finance and wall street in Lower Manhattan, and those who you surround yourself if they don't help you to better yourself then you should consider change.


Restaurant Tonight - It's Restaurant Roulette With Uber

Thank you for downloading Restaurant Tonight. Our application gives you the opportunity to play Restaurant Roulette to find a restaurant to eat at tonight and you get to ride there with the well known Uber application. Please provide your feedback, questions, or comments below and we will have a support representative reach out to you right away.


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 6.08.41 PM

For those of you who have downloaded the application and given us great feedback I wanted to extend a special thank you. This is a really cool concept that takes the choice out of picking a place to eat dinner at tonight.

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