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Ron Bruder

Brookhill Group Founder and founder of EFE which stands for the Education for Employment. Bruder was just on CNBC and is the type of persona that we should all aim to achieve. From successful business ventures in many different fields ranging from Real Estate, Medicine, to Oil & Gas to a more noble cause once he was financially capable with the EFE.

Bruder has the right idea and over the long run we will see the successful outcome of his mission for increasing youth employment opportunities in the middle east & Africa. EFE creates public-private partnerships with employers to train children to develop enough skills to be placed for employment with a degree of desirability.

He was named to Times 100 most influential people in the world and for great reason. Hat tip to Ron Bruder.


I was very lucky in my life. Kids I meet in the Middle East have the same intellect and drive as I had, but don't have the same opportunities...We can make a radical difference to their lives. Once they have a job, they feel part of society. They can become a breadwinner and maybe support eight or nine people, including their siblings.

— Ron Bruder