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Department of Homeland Security Updates - Why am I getting These you may ask?

When you sign up for Global Entry you may end up subscribing to receive updates from the DHS. I got an email this morning from the DHS with the headline:

DHS Announces Proposed Rule Regarding Equal Treatment of Faith-Based Organizations in DHS-Supported Social Service Programs

I was thinking why am I getting this I don't remember subscribing but then remembered it may have come as a result of signing up for Global Entry 7 years ago.



The message:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today is proposing a rule that would implement President Trump’s Executive Order No. 13831 (May 3, 2018) to remove regulatory burdens on religious organizations and ensure that religious and non-religious organizations are treated equally in DHS-supported programs. The proposed rule would ensure that DHS-supported social service programs are implemented in a manner consistent with the Constitution and other applicable federal law.

Specifically, the proposed rule provides instructions on religious liberty protections to the organizations that participate in DHS supported social service programs, including the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Citizenship and Integration Program Grant, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Emergency Food and Shelter Program, FEMA Crisis Counseling, and FEMA Disaster Case Management.

"On behalf of DHS, I would like to thank the president for his leadership in helping to reverse the previous administration’s requirements discriminating against religious organizations by saddling them with unique regulatory burdens," said Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf. "Our proposed rule recognizes that religious organizations are valuable partners in the federal government’s efforts to support the public with needed social services, and that they deserve every chance to compete equally on a level playing field for federal funding and not discriminated against simply because of their religious affiliation."


Full details can be seen here:

Ever Notice All International Terminals at the Airport Look the Same

One of the few commonalities you will notice anywhere in the world is that the international airport terminals look and feel the same. The domestic terminals however do not have the same standards across the world but rather tend to reflect the local culture of the area. From the Scoreboard style list of flight arrivals and departures, to the counters with the standard baggage scale, to the exact layout of where all the counters are looks and feels the same at all of the major international terminals that I have seen all over the world.

Just a small observation that I've noticed and haven't found that anybody has really covered this. The one small piece that I did find referenced that the architects who build the international terminals want to have familiarity for the travelers no matter where they are coming from or going to

Person of the Week Robert Marchand

Starting 2017 off on the right Cycle Robert Marchand has an impressive feat at 105 years old. Almost 100 years ago Robert Marchand was told by a cycling coach that he should give up as he would never amount to anything on a bicycle. Well here we are almost 100 years later and that coach long gone but Marchand in Saint-Quentine-En-Yvelines, France was the place where he just finished riding 14 miles in one hour and setting a new world record for his age! 

 He awaits a rival to compete against him and said he would have had a better time had he seen the current lap time. At the end of his 92 laps he received a standing ovation showing the world that you do things for yourself and do not worry about what the others say. Haters are always going to hate and try to stop you. Make up your own mind and do what you want to do as Robert Marchand has done.

The Hawaii' of other continents

I'm finishing up at top 50 experiences in the world to seek out and explore list. During the research and writing process I've discovered a few variations of "Hawaii" for other countries. In Europe there is a archipelago called the Azores off the coast of Portugal and only a 3.5 hour flight from the east coast 4 hours from London and 2.5 from Spain called the Azores and is known as Europes version of Hawaii. Due to it's location surrounded by water despite being so far north it never experiences drastically cold temperatures.

South Americas version is the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Equador and Africa has Madagascar. In Asia there are many places that would be considered competition to Hawaii.

Happy 2017!

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Newest Offering

Faster Entry through the UK border

Just recently announced is something called Registered Traveler by the United Kingdom Border Force to give faster and more convenient entry into the UK for elgible nationals from the USA & Canada. Membership of Registered Traveller costs £70 in the first year and £50 per year thereafter.

Membership of Registered Traveller includes the following benefits:

Access to ePassport gates

Use of the UK / EEA queue

No requirement  to complete a landing card on arrival in the UK

No routine credibility interview with a Border Force officer.

Visitor eligibility criteria have changed and you now may apply to join if you have made at least 4 journeys to the United Kingdom in the previous two years.  Complete details of Registered Traveller eligibility and availability can be found online at

Registered Traveller is proving extremely popular with members and to date there have been over 275,000 crossings of the border by members with extremely positive feedback such as,

“I think it is fantastic! It has made a major difference to my experience travelling as it gives me a great deal of time back.”

“Time saving and improved experience of clearing immigration.”

You can apply for Registered Traveller online now at


My thoughts -- Do you think the Euro Zone will eventually have the same offering?

Brussels Airport a new reality

If you are flying out of Brussels airport in Belgium then you should head to the airport at least an hour earlier than you normally would. Ever since the train station attack the country is on high alert and you will find soldiers walking the streets with guns similar to what you would see in Israel and what is known as the common norm.

The uber and taxi pick up and drop off is no longer in front of the airport but rather at the bottom of the garage and you have to walk or take an elevator up and once you do you have an outside area that used to be where cars would pass through but now it's blocked off and you have the first security screening.

Once you pass through this then you can enter the airport if you are flying out, check in, and then go through security again followed by customs and a long walk to your gate.

In India if you don't have a ticket you can't enter the airport and this type of "Nudge" prevents attacks and issues at the airport. Will this one day be a common reality for all flyers. We used to be able to walk up to the gate without a ticket in the USA but that stopped after September 11th.

Rich Ruddie

Condor Airlines flying from Baltimore Washington International (BWI) to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) direct for only $311.00 including one bag. Flight time is 9 hours. For those wanting to travel from the Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Virginia region to Europe and know the headaches of flying on Wow Air (not recommended) then check out Condor Airlines.

Condor Flight 2075 is the one I will be taking and will leave a review of my experience. I flew from Boston on Wow Air to Iceland and can confirm that Wow Air is not fantastic or "WOW"ful they are more like Spirit Airlines. So only fly with them if you absolutely have to.
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Richart Ruddie: Private Jet from London to New York

Now you can fly private from New York City to London. Just announced today on the heels of the Brexit catastrophe JetSmarter of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has announced new Trans-atlantic service launching this August. For those interested in signing up for a Jetsmarter Membership and would like to receive a discount please send me an email.





The intercontinental JetShuttle™ service will be a great way to do business, or just jet between two of the world’s grandest cities.




Fly off to London (EGGW) from NY (HPN)
on a Friday at 9:00AM, and return Sunday at 6:00PM.
Or, flip it and stay the week. Your move.






No TSA Security Lines and Available Helicopter Transfers to participating airports.






Where Luxury Meets Logic - Jetsmarter

Jetsmarter has created an opportunity for those who want to travel in luxury. For those that do not like the hassle of long TSA lines at the airport can now have the treat of flying private for only $15,000 a year with an all you can fly model. Below is an exciting email that they recently sent out and if you're looking into the possibility of joining then please connect with me on Linkedin and I will help you get a discount for joining from the marketed price.



This validation of our new approach to private aviation is gratifying, as sophisticated flyers – like you – are recognizing the innovation and value we are bringing to an industry that was hungry for change.


On this occasion we want to share with you – members of the JetSmarter community – some news and insights about where we are going. 


As you know, JetSmarter is the best option ever for flying private. We’ve done something profound – created a new class of air travel, accessed by a simple app, that offers both custom charters and unused seats on thousands of flights every day.


We’re not just offering lower costs for private aviation and making it accessible. We’ve fundamentally rewired the marketplace, which we believe is the difference between just low cost and true disruption.






WHAT: We are re-inventing the private aviation industry for the on-demand, mobile economy by connecting people who need seats with planes that have them.


WHY: There are more people who can benefit from private aviation – and can afford to – than are taking advantage of it.


HOW: Using technology to create a new marketplace for accessible, reliable and enhanced air travel.




Create a world where private aviation serves as much of the flying public as possible.






Book seats on existing flights between thousands of destinations




Schedule your own charter, an entire plane or individual seats 






We offer one tier of membership for $10,000 per year (with an additional $5,000 one-time initiation fee). This fee – which is required to use JetSmarter – gives customers access to our services, and gives us a consistent and recurring revenue stream.


Why are we telling you this? We believe in transparency, we know our members are smart business people, and we want to share this information with you because you are entitled to know it!




While some seats on our scheduled flights are given complementary to our members as a perk, others are also available for purchase. Members pay for seats when they run out of their allocated supply of free reservations, or when they want to purchase companion seats for non-member friends or family. A significant portion of these seats are purchased as extra seats or companion seats with a healthy profit margin.




These are charter flights. Members can either book an entire aircraft, or can book by the seat (sometimes we call this “create your own shuttle”). When members create their own shuttle they purchase roughly 25% of the seats. This enables our members to save money by not having to book an entire plane… while giving us extra seats to put out as a scheduled flight.


So we can make a fair profit, and continue to offer value to all our members as we expand our services.




It’s a basic law of economics that purchasing power drives prices down. At JetSmarter we buy flight hours in bulk for some of the lowest “cost per hour” fees every seen in the industry.


Every second that every million-dollar plane sits on the ground or repositions empty represents an opportunity for the owner to make long as they get paid at or below their operational cost of the plane.


We are the largest purchaser of third party aircraft hours in the world, which creates massive economies of scale and allows us to optimize “back hauls” (empty legs) and pair them with charter flights, both shared and whole aircraft.


We can do that, because we built a sophisticated pricing engine that charges our members at the sweet spot where we can make a profit. It's no different than any market where there's profit to be made by addressing structural inefficiencies.


Our efficient platform – driven by algorithms and artificial intelligence – optimizes inventory to drive down prices, create availability, and give us the resources to grow JetSmarter in the U.S. and globally.




We have raised more than $56 million, and this year alone we will do nine figures in revenue.


The flying public is not being well-served by existing options. We don’t think anyone would disagree.


At JetSmarter we have identified an opportunity to build a new transportation network that will rewire the way we humans look at air travel. And our growth shows that our innovation is being well adopted.


We thank you for your patronage, membership and shared quest to make travel fun again. By optimizing the world’s planes we can optimize the world’s productivity.


A seat on a private jet is a terrible thing to waste.




Richart Ruddie Profile Defenders

If you have reputation management needs then please see the following places that have covered me through the years for Profile Defenders that include Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, The Baltimore Sun, Sun-Sentinel, The Denver Post, Forbes, and many more. In fact I am such a good brander and marketer that I had a client rank them for a famous celebrity and did such a great job that I took over all the rankings on page 1. The best part is that the client wasn't supposed to be doing that and the celebrity sued him, myself, and a few others. It's a great branding point though showcasing how good I really am at what I do for Profile Defenders clients.

-Richart Ruddie


Me leaving Japan back in October.