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Why the Chipotle Bash Is Wrong

There is an awfully supiscious and INCORRECT bashing going on right now. This is aimed at popular fast casual burrito chain Chipotle where a website called Chubbychipotle.com launching an incorrect and unverified claims that if you eat Chipotle Burritos alone you will get FAT.

Folks at Consumer Freedom really need to fact check or admit that they are being paid off by McDonalds and Subway executives because they are getting slaughtered (no pun intended) by Chipotles better food, better ingredients, same price model.

First Here is the text from the ad (Graphic not posted due to fears of copyright infringement. We want this post to live on)


Healthy  Eat two "all natural" chipotle burritos a week and you could gain 40 pounds in a year.

The negative ad states that :"Chipotle makes high-calorie burrtios and tacos but spends most of its marketing dollars stressing how "sustainable" it is, or how its fods are antibiotic-free (until it sells meat that isn't). All these claims sound good, but experts say they don't make their food healther. Experts do agree that eating 1,300-1,500 calorie burriots will probably make you fat."

Now anybody who has read the Fat Loss Bands Books would know that it's not what you eat but rather the calories in and calories out principle. If you were to eat Oatmeal for breakfast and a half pound of Grilled Chicken and Steamed Broccoli for Lunch and dinner each day then you could end up looking like the guy in the photo. Reason is it's not all about what you eat but how much exercise and proper dieting that goes into the mix.

That advertisement is absolute non-sense and I will gladly educate Chipotle haters free of charge.


New App Ideas

Application ideas just come to you sometimes and others they come as a result of reading a great story and thinking lets do a slight spin off of that. Thats how Tinder came about as a hatch labs project that took a spin on the popular mens dating app Grindr and turned it into the worlds most popular dating application in only a couple of years.

Bar Roulette is a recent idea that my spin off would be creating an application based off of restaurants instead of going to random bars you get to be whisked away to a random restaurant. What do you think? Good idea or not?

What it takes for a TLD To Get Noticed

Google made a big announcement yesterday that they will be separating their companies and new ventures. This announcement by Sergey Brin and Larry Page said that their new domain wil be ABC.XYZ.

The founder of the .XYZ which is not on the same scale as .Com, .Net, and .Org TLD (Top Level Domain) Daniel Negari the registrars operator who could not be any happier and we are happy for him. He was recently quoted in a magazine issue of Wired as saying that "We end the alphabet in ‘xyz’ and we should end domain names the same way.”

Googles newest holding company will be called Alphabet and with the largest internet website and player in the world signaling that they are willing to use a .XYZ domain will quite possibly lead the way to other corporations purchasing extensions that end in .XYZ thus driving the domainers who squat on high end names for years out of business.

 ICANN which stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has been releasing new gTLDs which cost $185,000 for an application and once approved an additional $25,000 a year. This then just sparked an idea in my head that should have went off during the initial announcement in 2011 that this may be a great business model if you can/could have scooped up the better extensions such as .XYZ that will hopefully for Mr. Negari's sake become more mainstream and earn him a nice chunk of change. 

When was the last time you came up with a good .com name and found that it wasnt already taken by a cybersquatter asking a ridiculous amount of money for the name? Look at how Brand.com sold for $500,000 and Bre Pettis who previously owned it was asking $12 million dollars originally according to an inside source I spoke with on the matter but was sold so Makerbot could make payroll and eventually cash out big time ($403 million in stock and options).  In googles case it would be extremely odd if they tried to purchase abc.com which goes to the media and television companies website and Alphabet.com is the car leasing companies official website.

Google could have very easily created Google.com/abc or ABC.GOOGLE.COM but instead they just spent the $9.99 fee and purchased ABC.XYZ and have now possibly opened the floodgates for people to start purchasing .xyz extensions and making it a new norm.

Only time will tell.